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We at the Randall Theatre Company are doing our best to plan for future productions. However, as long as COVID continues to be a serious concern in our community, all plans and policies must be considered "subject to change". We aim to continue to provide live entertainment and will adapt our programming as necessary in order to provide the best possible environment of safety for our performers, patrons and staff. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Available Roles for Waiting Star
Prince Hal, male-presenting, 18-25, baritone/tenor
Charismatic, handsome and bright, this young prince is out to experience everything life has to offer before taking on his somber duty as King. He finds himself transformed by his love for Ann. He has a cool sword battle with Harry Hotspur.

Ann Gwynellyn, female-presenting, 18-22, mezzo
She is the daughter Falstaff did not know he had until she tracks him down one night in a tavern. She is idealistic and beautiful, also possessing unusual spiritual gifts. She is quick-witted and adventurous and a romantic interest to Prince Hal.

​Queen Joanna, female-presenting, 40-60, mezzo/alto
Wife to King Henry and step-mother to Prince Hal. She is bright, quick-witted and spontaneous - a perfect mate for her all-too-serious husband.

Harry Hotspur, male-presenting, 20-30, non-singing except for some group numbers
A blustering, glory-seeking young man who thinks he, not Prince Hal, should be the next King of England. This role will likely be doubled with Alphonse. Harry Hotspur has a cool sword battle with Prince Hal.

Alphonse, male-presenting, 20-40, non-singing except for some group numbers
A foppish ambassador who presents the King with a possible match for Prince Hal. This role will likely double with Harry Hotspur.

Melissa Faraday, female-presenting 35-65, non-singing except for some group numbers
A strange outcast who is believed to be a witch. Psychic, mysterious and a bit scary.

​Charles Worchester, male-presenting, 40-60, non-singing except for some group numbers
Calculating, ambitious and treacherous. He is an enemy of the King.

Some roles will be doubled. We will also cast an assortment of nobility, thieves, drunkards and rogues.

Rehearsals will begin on June 12, 2022.
Run dates are August 5 - 21, 2022
"Waiting Star" was originally intended to be produced in 2020 but had to be rescheduled due to COVID. For that reason, some roles are already cast.
Audition Dates and Times:

Saturday, May 21 - 1 to 4 pm             Sunday, May 22 - 6 to 9 pm            Tuesday, May 24 - 7 to 9 pm

Location: The Ghostlight Playhouse; 115 E Main Street, Medford

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