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20 S. Fir  St.
Medford, Oregon
"Professional Standard, Community Spirit"
Package price: $66.00. Includes wine, food and show tickets for two.

  • Includes a Flight of Wine for Two, and a Charcuterie Board. This package is for two persons (no single person orders, please).

Home Page:  https://www.theurbancork.com/ 

Wine Page:  https://www.theurbancork.com/about-our-wines.html 

Food Page:  https://www.theurbancork.com/charcuterie.html 
Wine Selection

Italian Prosciutto ham originates in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, the bread basket of Italy. Like its true Italian counterparts, our prosciutto is the product of a long, unhurried drying process lasting a minimum of 210 days. Each ham is carefully inspected and hand-trimmed by a master Salumiere. It is then carefully rubbed and salted to ensure an air-dried, even cure. The result is a soft, sweet flavor.

Coppa, which is an air-dried whole pork shoulder butt, has its origins from the culinary capital of Italy – Emilia Romagna. Our coppa is a wonderful combination of meat and fat with an aromatic smell of spices and herbs in which it is cured. Sliced thin, it is a classic on a plate of salumi (cured meats) and is perfect for sandwiches.

A delicate sophistication exudes throughout the Veneto region, where the inspiration for Sopressata originates. Our Sweet Sopressata is a coarsely ground salame that is lightly seasoned and perfectly aged. Stands alone for a classic antipasto or adds spice to any sandwich, grilled or cold.

Ubriaco Di Raboso
This cow's milk cheese undergoes an initial 6-month period of aging in La Casearia's cellers, after which the wheels are soaked in the Veneto's local Raboso (IGT) wine for several weeks. The cheeses are then carefully finished with an additional six months' maturation. Underneath Ubriaco di Raboso's deep violet-hued rind lies a semi-hard, pale yellow paste with small make holes scattered throughout. The aroma is distinctly that of the wine and the flavor has notes of black berry and sour cherry, finishing with a spicy yet mild zing.

Asiago Fresco
Asiago Pressato, also referred to as Asiago Fresco, is the youngest version of the Asiago cheeses. Cows from the Veneto region of Italy graze on lush mountain grass producing sweet, flavorful milk for the production of this DOP Asiago. It is classified as an Italian DOP cheese, meaning that it is protected by government standards regarding where the cheese is produced and the techniques used in the production. Asiago Pressato is a soft, sweet, lightly tangy and buttery cheese with a springy, pale interior. Made from pasteurized whole milk and aged only for 20 to 40 days, this young cheese has a full, creamy flavor. We suggest enjoying Pressato with crusty Italian bread or try it with some of our marmalades, jams and honeys.

Fontina Val d'Aosta is the real deal. Very aromatic and semi-firm, this cheese makes grilled cheese sandwiches and risotto incredibly aromatic and flavorful. Try it on a small cheese platter and pair with fruit jams and marmalades
  • All “Dinner and a Show” ticket holders are asked to arrive at The Urban Cork no later than 5:30 pm, Thursday through Saturdays on the day of the Randall Theatre production they have purchased tickets for. 

  • Late arrivals will not be served.
  • No refunds are given for late arrivals or no shows.
  • Package price does not include non alcoholic drinks, dessert or gratuity
  • Ticket holders must identify themselves as
“Randall Theatre Dinner and a Show” ticket holders when they arrive at the establishment.   
Thursday, Friday, Saturday Evenings
Wine and Charcuterie for two
31 S. Grape Street, Medford, OR 97501
330 N. Fir Street, Medford, OR 97501
123 W. Main Street, Medford OR 97501

Thursday, Friday, Saturday Evenings
Thursday, Friday, Saturday Evenings
Wine and Charcuterie for two
Discounted food and show tickets available when purchased together!
31 S. Grape Street, Medford, OR 97501
330 N. Fir Street, Medford, OR 97501
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